"Generally it's difficult to promote products such as ours at an all food show. However, this year was different. Not only were you able to increase our visibility by building large crowds around the booth, but you also informed potential buyers about our new products."

Tye Hofmeister, NCR Canada Ltd.

"Thank you for making our User Meeting such a success! Your use of magic to reinforce our Total Solutions theme worked amazingly well. Our clients were thoroughly entertained and educated!"

Linda Zetterstrand, STM Systems Corp.

"I could not pass up the opportunity to formally express how pleased we were with Richard's wonderful demonstration of the importance and technique of closing a sale. It was the highlight of our week. Magic is a wonderful training tool!"

Andrea Derome, Smith Kline and French
How do you get people to remember your message?
Deliver it in an entertaining way!

We'll work "our magic" around your product, service or message to create an entertaining promotional concept that attracts attention, stimultes awareness and makes people remember your company!

Trade shows
Attract clients and develop leads while educating clients about your products and services.

Sales Meetings
Liven your next meeting!
Put your guests into a more attentive and receptive mood.
Powerfully communicate and reinforce your message.

Hospitality suites
Make your next suite the one everyone is talking about.

Customized shows
Entertain your guests with an amazing show customized with your message.

Find out how we can do wonders for your business!
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