"Richard Sanders' originality and talent really impressed our team!"

Daniele Arnoldi,
Tele-Metropole Inc.
"Our guests were completely mesmerized, in fact, our manager, Stan Firros, was so taken by your performance that he followed you from table to table hoping to discover your secrets!"

Kimberly Gardner,
DHL Worldwide Express

Close-up magic is a great way to enhance the mood of your event. Instead of bringing your guests to the performer, bring the performer to your guests.
No need for a stage or microphone. Just sit back and watch as Richard Sanders entertains amongst your guests, during cocktails or before dinner, performing amazing magic right in your guests very own hands.
It's a great way to break the ice amongst your guests and provide a fun upbeat atmosphere for your event.
It's not long before the room is bubbling with laughter and applause!

"It's two weeks after your performance and I'm still receiving email about how great the show was!"

Marion Holland, Ocean Point Resort Hotel

How do you keep your event fun and interesting?
Entertain your guests during cocktails or at their table!